Cellist Clancy Newman Shines in Elgar Concerto

Clancy Newman... brought a recognizably individualist approach to the infamous Elgar concerto. He used unusual fingerings that emphasized the use of his ring finger rather than his pinky. This allowed him to give a more substantive vibrato to pitches and even seemed to slightly change the color of the high register playing. He played the transition to the second movement with a strong narrative shaping, and took the third movement with a fast-side tempo that allowed the longer shape of lines to be articulated. His use of carefully crafted silences was effective at the close of the movement and he extended the final silence to emphasize the unresolved final chord. This use of silence actually amplified the elusive emotional quality that this concerto sought. The finale was bold and vigorous, and Newman was able to integrate the return of music from prior movements without losing the larger sense of momentum toward the close of the work. The overall shape of the concerto felt symphonic in this performance, which was warmly received by the Hartford audience.

Jeffrey Johnson, Hartford Courant
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